How to set up Audible audiobooks for use with SYNC

Play some of your favorite audiobooks in your vehicle using Audible and SYNC® with MyFord Touch®. Follow the steps below to set up Audible audiobooks. Please note that this process requires a computer running Windows®.27

Audible is available for select Ford vehicles and requires the 3.0 or later version of MyFord Touch software.

  • Before you start

    There are a few things you should do before starting step 1:

    • Create an Audible account and download an audiobook from the MyLibrary Section on
    • Visit the Audible website on your Windows® computer to download and install AudibleManager. Once AudibleManager is installed, select “MyFord or MyLincoln Touch” from the dropdown menu, and click OK.
    •  Connect a USB storage device to your computer and launch the AudibleManager program.
  • In the Mobile Devices section of AudibleManager, select “MyFord Touch”.

  • In the lower right hand corner, select USB Drive, then select the drive letter of your USB storage device.

  • Select the Devices menu and select Activate, or right click on your vehicle’s plug-in and select Activate.

  • Enter your Audible username and password, and select OK.

  • Enter your vehicle's VIN number and select OK. The VIN number must be entered in capital letters. For more information on locating the VIN number you can refer to your vehicle's Owner’s Manual.

  • On the Activation Completed window, select OK.
  • You are now ready to put an audiobook onto your USB device.

    In the Mobile Devices section in the lower left hand corner of the window select “MyFord Touch”, then select USB Drive. Finally, select the drive letter of your USB device.

  • Highlight the title or titles you want to transfer and select Add to Device. This will transfer the selected titles to your USB storage device.

  • Once the transfer is complete, safely eject your USB storage device from your computer and plug it into the USB port in your vehicle.

    You are now ready to listen to Audible in your vehicle. You can repeat steps 7-10 any time you wish to add another audiobook to your USB storage device.

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