How to use the Send to SYNC feature in SYNC Services

Send to SYNC lets you find businesses and addresses using the SYNC Destinations mobile app and sends the destination for turn-by-turn directions to your vehicle through SYNC®.

Send to SYNC downloads the entire route (or just the destination if your vehicle is equipped with SD Card Navigation), starting from your current location. Once the download is complete, SYNC provides turn-by-turn directions to the destination point entered online.27,129

  • Before you start

    There are a few things you should do before starting step 1:

    • Discover SYNC Services
    • Register your SYNC Services account
  • Use the SYNC Destinations mobile app to locate a business or address.

  • Select Send.

  • Select the Car option. Fill in the information requested about your vehicle, including the active mobile phone number in your Ford Owner account and select Send.

  • After receiving notification that the location was successfully sent, press the Voice button on your steering wheel and say "Services".

  • SYNC will ask if you'd like directions to destination you selected online. Say “Yes”.

  • SYNC Services calculates the optimal route based on current traffic conditions. Once the route download is complete, the SYNC voice will provide the turn-by-turn instructions to your destination.

  • Quick Tip

    If your vehicle is equipped with a SYNC with Navigation System and has an active SYNC Services subscription, Send to SYNC will calculate a route based on your in-vehicle navigation preferences.

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