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Why is my steering wheel vibrating?

If your steering wheel begins to vibrate when you’re traveling at more than 40 miles per hour, it may be the Lane Keeping System alerting you to stay in your lane.
Steering wheel vibrating

If your vehicle is not equipped with the Lane Keeping System, contact your authorized dealer as soon as possible to determine whether your vehicle is safe to drive.

How the Lane Keeping System works*

If your vehicle is equipped with this feature and the aid is on, the system automatically detects and tracks the road lane markings using a camera mounted behind the interior rear view mirror.

*Lane Keeping System does not control steering.3,10

  • When on, the system notifies you to stay in your lane through the steering system and the instrument cluster display when the front camera detects an unintentional drift out of your lane is likely to occur.

  • An icon on your instrument cluster display indicates the status of this feature.

What the lane markings mean

If the lines in the icon on your instrument cluster display are:

  • Green, the system is on.

  • Yellow, the aid mode is active and you may feel a slight move of your steering wheel to direct you back into your lane.

  • Red, the alert mode is active and you may feel the steering wheel vibrate, directing you back into your lane.

  • Not there, the system is off.

Directions for turning the system off and on and adjusting the settings can be found in your Owner Manuals

Don’t have the Lane Keeping System? Call your dealer.

If your vehicle is not equipped with the Lane Keeping System:

  1. Contact your authorized Ford Dealership. (Help me locate a dealer.)  

  2. Give the Dealer your Vehicle Identification Number. (See Quick tip below.)

  3. If necessary, you can then schedule service for your vehicle, and determine with the dealer if it’s safe to drive to the dealership, or preferable to arrange towing.*

*There may be a charge for service, so please check with your dealer first. 

Quick Tip: Where can I find my VIN?

1. On the dash next to the windshield on the driver side. 

Dash next to the windshield

2. On the driver side door post.

Dash next to the windshield

3. In your vehicle documentation (e.g., vehicle registration, title, lease or promissory note). 

Vehicle documentation

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