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How do I adjust my steering wheel tilt?

You can adjust your steering wheel by tilting and telescoping it to make driving your vehicle even more comfortable.
Steering wheel adjust

Enhance your daily drive by customizing the position of your steering wheel.

Here’s how to adjust your steering wheel manually: 

  1. While your vehicle is parked, adjust your seat so that you’re comfortable. (View a video on power seat adjustment.) 

  2. Unlock the steering column by pulling the release lever, either down and away or down and toward you. (For the location and operation specific to your vehicle, see your Owner Manuals.)

  3. Adjust the steering wheel by:

    • Tilting it up or down.
    • Pulling or pushing it toward or away from you.
  4. Lock the steering wheel once you’re satisfied with its new position. Use the same lever you used to unlock it, but adjust in the opposite direction.

If your vehicle is equipped with a power steering wheel adjustment, use the control on the side of the steering column to adjust the position.

While your vehicle is parked and your seat is in a comfortable position, adjust the steering wheel by pressing the:  

  • Top or bottom of the control to tilt the steering wheel.

  • Front or rear of the control to telescope the steering wheel.

You may be able to save and recall the steering column position with the memory function. (Learn how to set the memory function in your Owner Manuals.) 


Never adjust the steering wheel while your vehicle is moving.

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