Why is my Stability Control light flashing?

Your vehicle has a feature that can help you maintain control in bad weather or when you have to make a quick maneuver. It’s called AdvancTrac® Electronic Stability Control (ESC).39 
Stability control light flashing

If your Stability Control light flashes, it means the AdvancTrac® Electronic Stability Control feature has activated, and you should proceed with caution

AdvancTrac ESC is made up of two functions that are active when you’re driving:  

  1. Traction control helps keep your from wheels spinning and from losing their grip on the road.

  2. ESC helps prevent sliding sideways and skidding.

Stability Control turns on automatically and remains active unless you turn it off (which is not recommended for day-to-day driving). 

Turning Stability Control off and on

There may be times you want to turn the feature off, like when you’re stuck in mud or snow.

  1. Turning ESC Off: Press the Off button displaying the Stability Control icon on your dashboard or in your information menu.  

  2. Turning ESC On: Start the feature again by simply pressing the same button or turning it on in the information menu. The feature also automatically starts when you turn the engine off and on.


If the icon light is steady or does not light up when you switch the ignition on, the feature may be malfunctioning. During a malfunction, the system will switch off. Have the system checked by your authorized dealer immediately. (Help me locate a dealer.)  

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View your Owner Manuals for specific instructions on using AdvancTrac Electronic Stability Control.

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