What is Front Park Aid?

If your vehicle is equipped with the Forward Sensing System, you’ll be alerted by a high-pitched chime when approaching objects immediately in front of you. 
Front park aid

The Forward Sensing System uses sensors located near the front bumper and alerts you to objects that are within 2 feet of your vehicle.10  

Here’s how the Forward Sensing System works: 

  • The system turns on automatically when you switch the ignition on.

  • As you approach a vehicle or other object, the chimes will become louder and more rapid the closer you come to the object. Front Park Aid will flash briefly on your dashboard.

  • When you come within 10 inches of an object, the chimes will transition to a solid tone.

  • The sensors automatically turn off when you put your vehicle into neutral or park.


The sensors must be clear of snow, ice and mud to work properly, so check them periodically. 

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