What does it mean if my lane assist light is on?

When your vehicle is equipped with the Lane Keeping System, it can let you know when you’re drifting out of your lane. If enabled, the system will automatically detect lane markings and alert you if you begin drifting outside of your driving lane. Lane Keeping does not control steering.10 
Lane assist light

Here’s how the Lane Keeping System works: 

  • When on, the system’s front camera monitors road lane markings and detects when an unintentional drift out of your lane occurs.  

  • The system notifies you to stay in your lane through a vibration of the steering system and a flashing icon on your dashboard.  

  • An icon, like the one below, indicates the status of this feature.

What the lane marking icons mean:  

  • Green, the system is on.

  • Yellow, the aid mode is active, and you may feel a slight move of your steering wheel as it provides steering torque to direct you back into your lane.*

  • Red, the alert mode is active, and vibrations are sent to the steering wheel.*

  • Not there, the system is off.

  • Gray means the system is temporarily unable to provide a warning or intervention on the indicated road side(s). This may be due to the turn indicator being active or your vehicle is traveling under the activation speed.

*Lane-Keeping System does not control steering. 

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See your Owner Manuals to learn how to adjust Lane Keeping System settings.