What does it mean if my ABS light is on?

Your vehicle is equipped with Anti-Lock Braking, the system will help keep your brakes from locking during emergency stops. 
ABS light

The Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) helps you maintain control during emergency stops.

When you switch your ignition on the ABS icon will flash once.

When your foot is on the brake pedal and the ABS engages, you may feel a pulsing, as well as the brake pedal depressing further. You may also hear a knocking noise, which is normal. Proceed with caution.


If the light does not illuminate during start up, remains on or flashes continuously, the system may be disabled. Have the system checked by your authorized dealer. (Help me locate a dealer.)

  • The normal braking system (without ABS) will continue to function, unless the brake system warning lamp is also illuminated.

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For hints on driving with anti-lock brakes, see your Owner Manuals.

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