How do I get rid of the static sound when playing my device through the USB connection?

It’s frustrating when your sound system doesn’t deliver the clarity you’ve come to expect.  
Playing my device through USB connection

Try these troubleshooting tips to help correct your USB connection’s static playback:

  • Check your device for programs running in the background that may be causing audio interruptions.

  • Make sure that your original audio file is a high-quality version. Issues with corrupted or low-quality files may become more apparent at higher volumes.

  • Inspect your USB cord for damage, and be sure that it’s firmly plugged into your vehicle and device. (Note: You may want to try using a new OEM USB cable that’s sold or compatible with your device.)

  • Ensure your device’s volume isn’t set too low. A low volume setting on your device, combined with a high volume setting on your vehicle, may over-amplify the device’s audio signal, resulting in decreased audio quality.

  • Your device may be retaining a static charge due to a grounding issue.

    • Consider using a USB cable with a ground loop isolator to minimize noise from static and other electrical systems.
  • The static could also be caused by electromagnetic interference from other electrical systems, in which case a shielded USB cable may help resolve the issue.

  • Connecting your device over USB will most likely yield better sound quality than connecting over Audio line in.

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