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How do I adjust my SYNC volume?

By using voice commands with SYNC® 3, you can stay connected while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. It’s easy to adjust the volume of the SYNC 3 voice by using dashboard and steering wheel controls.27  

Here’s how to adjust the volume of the SYNC 3 voice:

  • Wait for the SYNC 3 voice to begin speaking.
  • Before the voice finishes speaking, use the volume knob or buttons located on your dashboard or steering wheel to adjust the volume.
  • Note:The control buttons in your vehicle may differ. Please see your Owner Manuals for exact labels, location, and usage. 

Quick Tip

Adjusting the SYNC Navigation System voice volume 

The available SYNC Navigation System voice that guides turn-by-turn directions can be adjusted separately from the SYNC voice that you interact with when controlling climate, phone, entertainment, and media devices. Learn how to adjust the SYNC Navigation System voice volume.

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