How do I pair my iPhone with SYNC?

Connect your iPhone with SYNC® 3 to make and receive hands-free calls. 27,43 

Here’s how to pair your iPhone with SYNC 3:  

  1. Start your vehicle, and power on your iPhone. 

  2. Enable your iPhone’s Bluetooth® feature.48

    • Press Settings > Bluetooth
    • Press the Bluetooth slider to turn on Bluetooth.
  3. From the Feature bar on the bottom of the SYNC home screen, press Settings > Bluetooth > Add a Bluetooth Device.  

  4. Go back to your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings.

    • Your iPhone will scan for Bluetooth devices.
    • SYNC will appear under “Other Devices.”
    • Press SYNC when it appears.
  5. Both your iPhone and SYNC touchscreen should now display a six-digit PIN.

    • Verify that the two numbers match.
    • Press Pair on your phone, and Yes on your SYNC touchscreen to confirm.
    • A confirmation screen will ask you to Set as Favorite Phone, and Auto-Download your contacts. Make your selections, and press Finish to complete the process.

What if I’ve previously paired an iPhone?

If you’ve previously paired an iPhone with the same device name as the iPhone you’re currently trying to pair, you may need to:  

  1. Delete SYNC from your iPhone.

    1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Bluetooth. SYNC will appear under “My Devices.”
    2. Press the information icon that appears to the right of the SYNC name, then press Forget This Device.
  2. Delete your iPhone from SYNC.

    1. Press the Settings icon in the Feature bar at the bottom of the SYNC home screen.
    2. Press Bluetooth > View Devices. Select your device, then press Delete.
  3. Pair your iPhone again.  

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