Why won’t my Nexus 4G stream music to SYNC anymore?

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Nexus 4g stream music

Here are some troubleshooting tips for music streaming issues27:

  1. Check your Bluetooth® settings.48

    • Make sure the SYNC® media source is set to Bluetooth media.
    • Enable your phone’s Bluetooth feature, and make your phone discoverable.
    • Double-check that the volume setting is loud enough on both your phone and your vehicle.
  2. Make sure your phone is paired with SYNC.

    • If you’ve recently updated your phone’s software, you may need to pair your phone again with SYNC. (How to pair your phone.)
    • Set your phone as the primary SYNC device.
    • Cycling your phone’s power on and off may be enough to resolve the issue.
  3. Reset your systems, only if necessary.

    • You can also try performing a SYNC Master Reset. This menu option can be found under System Settings.
    • After performing a Master Reset, you’ll need to pair your phone again with SYNC.

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