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Maintaining your shocks and struts

Shocks and struts are some of the most important suspension parts on your vehicle.

Healthy shocks and struts control your vehicle's body movement and help keep it from bouncing up and down on bumpy roads.

By dampening this body movement, they let the suspension do its job and help keep the tires firmly on the road. And that helps keep you firmly in control.


Ford Motor Company recommends that you have your shocks and struts checked at each maintenance visit.

But you may want to have a suspension system inspection done sooner if:

  • Your vehicle frequently bounces
  • Your vehicle no longer handles or brakes the way it used to
  • Your tires lose their grip on the road
  • You experience audible vibration or noise
  • You see excessive or uneven tire wear
  • You see fluid leaks from your shocks or struts
  • You see dents, holes, or other damage on your shocks or struts


Motorcraft® replacement shocks and struts are engineered to Ford Motor Company specifications and made specifically for your vehicle.

Motorcraft shocks and struts offer the following benefits:

  • Engineered to help bring back a smooth ride
  • Help provide consistent control for improved safety
  • Help reduce wheel bounce
  • Are application-specific—not “one size fits all”


Visit your local Ford Dealership for replacement Motorcraft shock and strut parts, or visit

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