Comparative tests of Ford structural steel collision parts versus aftermarket


The Right Parts Matter

There are many reasons you chose your Ford. Reasons like safety, performance and appearance. If your vehicle has been involved in an accident and you need repairs done, you expect your vehicle to protect, perform and look like new. Here’s one thing to keep in mind: As a Ford owner, you have the right to have only Ford Collision parts installed after an accident.

The Right Parts are Ford Collision Parts

Ford vehicles include highly advanced crash-avoidance and safety system technologies. It is critical for these systems to be repaired with parts that will deliver the intended level of form, function, performance and safety our engineers originally specified.

Know Your Rights to the Right Parts

As a vehicle owner, you have the right to demand that your vehicle gets repaired with only Ford Collision parts. There are a few easy steps to take to make sure that it is.

Make Sure You Get the Right Parts:

  • Choose the right insurance company and policy. If you have an accident, you will likely get what you pay for when it comes to your insurance policy. Many people begin their auto insurance policy search by looking for the least expensive policy they can buy, which could mean their repairs are made with aftermarket, salvaged or remanufacutured parts. This can compromise quality, fit, finish and safety.
  • Take the right steps after an accident. Call your Ford Dealership and ask if they have a body shop or if they can recommend a shop that is a recognized member of the Ford National Body Shop network. Next, call your insurance company to start your claims process, remind them of your right to the right parts and insist that any repairs be made with Ford Collision parts.
  • Choose the right body shop. You have the right to select the body shop and choose the parts used to repair your vehicle. Make sure you call the body shops you’re considering and ask about their shop and technician certifications. Ask them if they use OEM parts. Often the shop will tell you the insurance company tells them what parts to use. Choose the shop you feel most comfortable dealing with during the repair process.

Why the Right Parts Matter:

  • Ford Collision parts are specifically engineered to offer the safety and reliability of an original equipment Ford part.
  • Ford Collision parts are the only service replacement parts warrantied by Ford Motor Company.
  • Ford Collision parts are readily available at thousands of Ford and Lincoln Dealerships, ensuring fast delivery times.
  • Using Ford Collision parts is critical to your vehicle’s long-term performance and your peace of mind.
  • The use of new aftermarket, salvaged or reconditioned parts may decrease resale value because of potential poor quality, fit, finish and appearance.
  • When Ford Original Equipment collision replacement parts are installed using factory-recommended materials and procedures, they deliver the same structural performance characteristics as the original parts.

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